About Us

Meet the Crew

Ashley - Social Media and Order Fufilliment Czar
Ashley has been with the company since 2007. She now manages all social media and writes frequent blog posts to keep everyone updated with the haps from Google and other social media heavyweights. She also went to India for a while and became worldy!
Rita - Software Goddess
Rita joined the herd in the beginning of 2010. She and James have known each other for some time and we are pleased to finally reel her in and use her programmer powers for good. She also regularly supplies us with tasty baked goods, in hopes that we will be so large that we simply roll around the office.
Stacey - Data Excavator and Trouble Terminator
Stacey works somewhere out in the country, furiously creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet and whipping Excel into submission, all the while keeping our Support Center at bay. She's a rockstar.
James J Jones - Lead Cook and Head Bottle Washer
James is the brains behind the operations. He's been in Online Marketing since before some of us were even born (seriously!) and will often come in spewing ideas as we hastily try to write them down before he gets onto his next track. He has a background in programming but spends his days sending out clever newsletters, marketing, and throwing Frisbees to his boxer, Skylar.